PTU - Rainy Dayz

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PTU - Rainy Dayz

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PTU - Rainy Dayz

This tutorial was written by me on May 2, 2012, using my own ideas. Any resemblance to others is coincidental and accidental. This tutorial assumes you have a working knowledge of psp and is written in PSPX.

Please leave some love when downloading supplies. The artists/creators work hard to make/share their work with us, so let's be appreciative. Smile

As always, tutorials are only a guideline. If you don't have the exact supplies, use ones you have or ones you choose. Smile

Supplies needed:

"Rainy Dayz” Cluster Frame by Venomous Creations

PTU scrap kit “Rainy Dayz” by Stef’s Scrapkits

Tube of choice – I used a gorgeous tube by Ismael Rac

- Please do not use Rac’s tubes without the proper license

Mask of choice

Eye Candy 4000 – Gradient Glow

Font of choice ( I used Copper Alt Caps Expert )

Resize all elements to your liking. Sharpen after resizing.

In PSP, open a new 650x650 image.

Open frame.

Copy/paste as new layer onto new image. Resize.

Copy/paste your tube. Place where you like.

Duplicate the tube and move original below frame.

Back on tube copy, erase any parts you want to be behind the frame. See my tag for example.

Add a drop shadow of choice on the original tube – I used 0_0_100_10_Black

Using your magic wand, settings: Tolerance _ 10 Feather _ 10, click inside the white frames making sure to get all the openings.

Add a new layer.

Open Paper 13 from the Rainy Dayz kit.

Copy/paste paper into selection.

Select none.

Move below frame.

Add element 19 behind the umbrella corner of frame. Duplicate and move original below frame but above the paper 13 layer. Again, erase the parts on the duplicate tube layer that you don’t want to show. Add drop shadow to bottom tube layer.

Add element 52 to right top corner of frame. I duplicated mine to make it darker. J

Add element 55. Duplicate and place both where you like. Merge down. I placed mine so it looked like the rain was coming from the cloud (element 52)

Add element 51, resizing, placing, and erasing parts to your liking. Add drop shadow.

Add any other elements you choose.

Add a layer at very bottom and select all. Open paper 10 and copy/paste into selection. Select none.

Open mask of choice. Go to Layers – New Mask Layer – From Image – find your mask in the drop down list – OK – Invert mask if needed. Merge group. Resize if needed.

Add all your copyright info.

Put your name on it in font of choice.

Add EyeCandy 4000 – Gradient Glow – 3.00_25_100_color to match tube ( I chose a light green shade from the boots - #abb221)

Put a drop shadow of choice ( my settings were 2_-5_50_5_black ) and ta da!!

Your tag is complete!

Close off background and save as png or however you save your tags. Smile

Thanks for trying my tutorial and I hope you enjoy your tag!!


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